report results

reporting the results of your walk / run?

You are on the honor system with this virtual “BLIND K”RUN / WALK. Since we are not requiring you to use a SPECIFIC TIMED app, you can choose any running app that will adequately record your time,  distances, and  results. We will list a few below. 

Choose an App

In order to record you time, distance, and results, you need to download some sort of running app on your phone and use it during the race.  Here are a couple of good ones if you don’t already have one of your own. Click on the link to view.


Screen Shot & Photo

Upload a “FINISHED” photo of yourself to your running app or “screen-shot” your running app results and take a separate selfie photo. Upload one or both to our platform(s)


There are a few ways to get us your results.  Upload a pic of your results to your personal Instagram and/or Facebook page and use the hashtag #theblindk, or email the pics to [email protected].  If all else fails, call us at
269-588-0864 for further assistance.