our mountain (MTN) of Responsibility

The “BLIND K” helps CHANGE LIVES for supporting our primary areas of service denoted by the letters “MTN.” We do MISSIONS, TRAINING, and NETWORKING.


The Blind K is an event that helps bring awareness to world blindness. The proceeds help restore global sight!


We travel to REMOTE parts of the world to help restore sight to the poor and those in need.


There are a variety of different skills needed to accomplish our global work. We train people in all aspects of what we do.


We network with individuals, agencies, industries, countries, and governments in order to be successful in our work.


Other than learning MSICS in a very modern surgical suite by an excellent instructor who thought of every detail before we arrived, the highlight was getting to fellowship with the Mejia family at the evening meals. They were so generous and so accommodating. A true blessing to us in a foreign land.

Dr. Matt McCauley - TX

It’s impossible to describe the depths of joy, satisfaction and pride I felt seeing first hand the expression of post-op patients, shields removed, seeing through a clear lens for the first time in years. Without doubt the team that VOI assembled for this mission is one of the most skilled and most efficient OR teams I’ve ever seen – including ORs in the USA.

Scott Lybarger, Phd - CA

We had the Mayor and a Congress Woman make it a priority to let us know how greatful they are that we came to help their people and that they really want us to come back. They offered many services saying anything we need to do our job they will provide. It was very heartwarming to see how much they care about their community but don't have the means to supply the services we were able to offer.

Samatha Wheeler, COMT - MI

The man that came who had lost one arm, three fingers on the other hand and one eye to a dynamite explosion years ago. He came to the clinic blind is his only eye and post op day one he was 20/50 and smiling

Laura Rafferty-Mazzei COT - NY